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Inspire is your source for brand new original modern dance music.  Inspire’s music has been designed from the ground up to be specifically for dancers.  The music, the instruments, the arrangements, the tempos and the meters have all been chosen to appeal to a wide variety of dancers and choreographers for use in both class and performances.

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No covers, no rewrites; completely new and original and written specifically for dance.  Not only is the music itself original but so are many of the instruments used. 

Here’s how:

First Verse Studios is a parent company to both Inspire and Audio|Tech.  Audio|Tech is the division of FVS where sounds and instruments are created.  These sounds and instruments are used in composing the music for Inspire.  When complete, the music is recored at FVS the parent audio recording and production facility, to create a professional quality dance CD.

Once completed, the songs are posted on iTunes to be downloaded by any one.

Completing all of the sound design, composition and recording in one place at one time, helps to ensure that dancers get the highest quality music created specifically for dance.

All Inspire albums have the following features:

Preservation of dynamic range

Songs on the radio sound squashed.  This is because they are processed so that everything in the song is the same volume.  This is not the case on Inspire CDs.  The songs have quiet and loud parts which allow the dancers to hear a more defined mix of the instruments.

Well defined downbeat

Inspire dance songs ensure that the downbeat of every song is clearly defined so that the meter can be easily heard.

Transparent emotional impact

Inspire wants the dancers and choreographers to be inspired by the music.  The final dance performance as a whole should be what draws an emotional impact from the audience or judges.

Variety of styles

Within the modern dance genre, Inspire has utilized a variety of styles and flavor including electronica, classical, pop, ethnic and more.

Variety of meters

As well as the common 4/4 meter Inspire uses alternate meters such as 3/4, 5/4, 6/4 and 7/4.  Each CD will have a variety of songs in different meters.  Look for more and different meters with each new CD.

Variety of tempos

Inspire dance music tempos range from 75 to 120.  Each CD will have a variety of songs in different tempos.  Look for more and different tempos with each new CD.

Variety of instruments

Inspire dance music uses instruments and sounds from all over the world including Africa, China, Australia, South America, Europe and the United States.

Immediate start times

When you press play on most CDs, they have a little bit of time before the actual music starts.  Inspire had eliminated this time so that the music will start as soon as you press play.  This makes timing during performances more accurate.

Modern dance music was hard to come by.  That time has passed...

All music is written and produced by Mark Eschbach.