Mark Eschbach

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First Verse Studios began in the early ‘90s with a 1969 Akai reel to reel and a Casio keyboard.  Since then, it has grown into a complete multi-platform, hard disk based audio production facility.

FVS is owned and operated by Mark Eschbach.  Mark has over 17 years of audio experience and a degree in Sound Design.  He has completed the software portion of the Apple Certification. 

Mark has worked as a multimedia technician, adjunct faculty and Theater Technical Coordinator at Scottsdale Community College from 1998 to 2007. 

He then left to open the Tempe Center for the Arts as the Audio Production Specialist where he worked with entertainment greats such as Cloris Leachman, David Spade, Stephen Ashbrook and Michael Reagan. 

Recently, Mark has returned to Scottsdale Community College where he is the audio and video engineer in the Performing Arts Center.

He has worked around the country with churches, theaters, colleges and businesses in audio production and technology and has also recorded and produced commercials and PSA’s for radio and television.